internet web development  

e-webtec offers its knowledge in developing a website at an hourly basis or project basis. Custom discounts on large projects are available if the required design services are bundled with a monthly web rental.

Special basic site package

This account offers the creation of an initial site bundled with a 3 month standard web rental account. The initial site consists of upto 7 pages. Each page has a graphic header, a graphic footer, a graphic ‘menu bar’, an additional ’miscellaneous’ graphic and formatting of all content. If desired we can also provide graphic counters.

Programming services

As websites become extensions of businesses, the linking of databases is a vital component of any design strategy. All this adds a dynamic character to your website.

   A selection of sites developed by e-webtec

Commercial sites :


11 daagse vlaanderen an 11 day celebration of the Flemish community Mysql database with asp integration

axxes51-003 real estate project 2 languages

siriuspromotions real estate promotion  3 languages

vancalenberge intertransport 2 languages

olivierinvest real estate

jbmotorsport racing team

vartec 3D & VR solution provider


Educational sites :


cevi center for ethics & value enquiry

sarton George Sarton Chair of the History of Sciences

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